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  1. What are the good and the bad effect for young generation?
  2. How to keep the young generation from the bad effect?
  3. What do you say about Indonesian television program?


Technological Advances: Kemajuan technologi

Effect: Efek             Effort: Berusaha

Respect: Hormat    Solve: Menyelesaikan masalah

Miss tomorrow: Ketinggalan zaman

Miss: Ketinggalan,Rindu,dan(Nama cewek)

Solving problem: Penyelesaian masalah

Have fun: Bersenag senang

Flat broke today: Boke’ New: Baru          

News: Berita     Up to date: Berita terbaru

The youth is the hope of nation

Pemuda adalah harapan bangsa…….!!!

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