Enhance Your Eyes Through Exercise

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Enhance Your Eyes Through Exercise

Besides the eye make-up and the beauty sleep, you can do this simple exercise everyday to keep your eyes bright, healthy and glowing. 

The method 
While lying down or in a sitting posture, place your middle fingers between the brows, above the bridge of the nose. Place your index fingers at the corners of your outer eye. Squint the lower eyelid upwards and feel that eye muscle pulse. Squint and release ten times, focusing on the pulsing each time you squint.
Now hold the squint and squeeze your eyes tightly shut while counting up to

40. Focus your mind on the outer eye muscle pulsing. Be sure to keep eyes squeezed shut very tight as you count.
Don’t forget to open your eyes after counting!

The result

# The muscle surrounding the eyes, which are responsible for opening and closing, get thoroughly exercised.

# Blood circulation in the eye area is enabled and this facilitates the strengthening of the upper and lower eyelids.

# Under-eye puffiness is reduced.

# Under-eye hollows are uplifted.

# You’ll look wide-eyed and your eyes will sparkle!

The frequency
# For best results do it twice in a day.
# To rectify deep hollows or severe under-eye puffiness, under-eye droop or to enlarge the eye socket, do the exercise thrice in a day.

Puffy eyes in the morning? Just do your exercise twice and then apply your makeup. This will brighten your eyes instantly and banish the look of fatigue.


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