Enjoy the Beauty of Nature

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Sometimes I felt like I could give up just that easy. So for me its really fine and normal to feel like we're just being down, feel the loneliness, feel the sorrow and pain just for sometimes. Yes, only for sometimes, because I believed that God has made some amazing things to look forward to after all. It's just a matter of keeping ourselves blinded of appreciating to the beauty of awesome creation by God because we are so focused in our daily activities or routines.

So the most important is to make a point to break free from all the circumstances that causes us sorrow. It can bring us also a profound value and way of release to apprise our self with Gods graces by means of his creativity. It's really helpful to take a deep breath with some fresh air, notice the clear blue sky and hear the crashing waves at the sea. Look at the mountains, give attention to all the birds that glide, the flowers that glow and the swaying trees around you. And to finally realized how God is really good and great to make this kind of world!

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