Equity Crowdfunding – Building The Bitcoin Infrastructure

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Simon Dixon, co-founder of the equity crowd-funding platform Bank To The Future and author of the book Bank To The Future, describes himself as a banking reformer. BTTF is the first social network financial institution where people, entrepreneurs and investors can fund, borrow, raise funds and invest in each other. The goal is to develop small to medium size enterprises and inject more money to the productive economy and less to the speculative one. 2014 is going to be a bitcoin year for BTTF, and ten non-competing start-ups will get crowd-funded and incubated. I met with Simon as part of my research-documentary, and we discussed: how crowd-funding introduces a new level of transparency to the financial world, the democratization of investing, crowd-diligence and other social and governance issues that can be addressed using crowd-funding. We strongly agreed that equity crowd-funding, combined with cryptocurrencies, may be as a strong player in the future of finance. An excerpt from the recording below, I hope you enjoy. Follow @SimonDixonTwitt

Another interesting discussion with Simon Dixon

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