Fantastic Ways That Can Help You Meet a Celebrity

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We all have people who we would love to meet. Admit it. It’s natural. Whether you are a big fan of actors of the past or the present, it is impossible not to get excited about the prospect of meeting someone important. Why would you want to meet a celebrity? There are different reasons for everybody but for me, it is to profess admiration for the person's career and even get an autograph. 

I would have loved to have met movie legend's like Charleton Heston, Humphrey Bogart and the talented Steve McQueen, but since I was too young then and they are now long-gone, they will never be forgotten.

Photo above is of Robert Downey Jr when he appeared at a screening of Iron Man 3 in Paris.

Even though I was very shy when I was younger, that never stopped me from trying to meet a singing legend.  When I was in my early twenties,  I had the good luck to meet the fabulous singer, Tony Bennett. He graciously signed autographs outside the stage door of the theatre and smiled widely at all the women around him.

If you are trying to find a celebrity who is a singer, the old-fashioned way is a sure-fire  way to meet him or her.  Depending on the venue, find the back door of the theatre and wait patiently for the star to exit. Don’t forget to bring along a picture, poster or a CD cover. Be polite and when you have the opportunity to get close, ask for the autograph. When you receive it, get the heck out of the area, and make way for other fans.

Another way you can meet a celebrity is to send fan mail.  Send a fan letter to your favourite singer or actor and you just make get a reply. It doesn’t hurt to ask.

Nowadays, you can also connect to a celebrity  via favourite social media tools like

Twitter. You can send a message to him or her and wait for a response. You can follow celebrities via Twitter and if you are lucky and have good posts, they may follow you back. This happened to me once. Thanks Yoko for the follow.

If you happen to be in sunny California, check out the bars around Malibu. One person I know happened to see Robert Downey Jr chatting with friends at a local bar.

It helps if you know a local resident in California who can point out the hot spots for celebrity spotting. My friend surprised me one day by stating that he stood behind behind the fabulously-talented  Goldie Hawn at a local coffee shop. Now I’m not of the mindset to bother a celebrity in his or her private moments, since after they are just like you and I deserving of some peace and time alone.

It is safer to find celebrities who want your attention. Celebrities flock to places like high-brow fashion shows, charity events, film festivals, awards shows  and events just for fans, like Fan Expo, held recently in my city.

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