Fast Bitcoin Faucet Circuit.

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We are all here for the chance to earn meager Bitcoins when we need to eat up some time, right?

Lets face it though, some ways are better than others. Hopefully some of you will find this helpful as you earn whatever Bitcoins you need. This is a 5 minute circuit and will, when finished, hopefully take most of 5 minutes to complete. This is currently a work in progress but it seems to be my fastest way to make Bitcoins with some free time.

We start with SatoshiSky, as it both saves your Bitcoin address (which you should have on Copy/Paste) and it's tab head has a 5 minute countdown timer so you can restart the circuit as quick as possible.

After that there are Xapo faucets, so that the payout is instant and you can see your progress in your wallet rather than the screen.

*In Progress*

If you dont have a Xapo account you can get one online quickly or use this link and help me out ;)

If anyone else knows any Xapo, or other instant payout 5 minute faucets, please link them to allow us to all make a little Bitcoin in our free time.

For anyone who wants to keep this going on the smartphone, I would suggest "Wheel of Bitcoins" although watch out for data charges if you aren't on WiFi. A little hint for this game is the 5x frenzy thing only goes away if you claim the prize, so if the wheel rolls poorly just cope with another ad and you could roll an extra 1000+ Satoshi's (10 bits!)

I would love some feedback on this or if anyone would just like to talk about what they do with the bits they earn feel free to contact me. :) Good luck to all, now go get them bits!


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