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Absolutely Home made using to get rid of pimples easily and fast:


Whether it is a girl or boy but it is natural that in age of 18 years often pimples arises on our faces.This is definitely a problem because some time these pimples swell inflammation or become red and become painful to that person. Often people become too furious and use medicines or creams to avoid these pimples and may surf a lot of money to go for doctor in this regard.


I have absolutely home based method in which you can overcome these pimples and i have tested these methods many times and got good results. So if you are facing this problem, then no need to worry and i am going to share you home based products to use and care for your face skin and avoid pimples.



Some of these items are in following:



~ Tooth paste:  

You will probably think that tooth paste is used to clean our teeth but you may not know its other benefits. One of great benefit is that we can reduce pimples by using tooth paste. The method is very simple but remember try to use white paste in-place of gel paste for better and quick result. So during night before going to bed first wash your face, then apply paste on your pimples and let it dry. In morning when you get up so rinse your face with simple water. Repeat this method several days and see your face.






~  Using Garlic:


Garlic is not only for eating to use in our meal but we can use it for our skin care and it has the ability to reduce pimples because it has antiseptic, anti-fungal and antiviral. The method is simple and easy. Take a garlic and cut it into two pieces. Start rubbing each cutting part on pimples and continue it for 4-5 minutes and then wash your face. For fast and better result you can try and use the same method many time a day and has no restriction regarding time.






~ Steam:  


Steam is very nice way to help reduce the pimples on your face. Actually steam is used for hard pimples and also for deep inside black dirt on our faces due to which color of skin also effected. The method is simple and you will keep your face into steam for 10-15 minutes. Steam make the hard and black inner dirt soft by opening the pores of face and the dirt come out easily and we become free from it in less time. Because often the hard pimples take more time and it irritate us.


One of beautiful method is to use the ice. simply put a piece of ice on pimple how much you can tolerate and bear for few minutes. Repeat several times but some people do not like to use cold ice specially in winter season.             



There may be other methods but  i shared to you all those methods which we can use in our home easily and no need to take from market. These will really help you to reduce pimples on your face and skin. I hope you will try one of these or all if you have ever problem of pimples.




For videos about tooth paste you may watch video under the link:


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