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Yes, they are brave in whatever aspect you can put them. May it be emotional, physical, mental, or intellectual. However, sometimes because they have too much bravery, they can most likely fall into the traps of danger. Why am I saying this? Because I am disappointed at the habits of some Filipinos. You know, those times when they are danger but they chose not to keep an eye out of it.

DISCLAIMER: In this blog, when I say, "Filipinos", I only mean, "The other Filipinos" and not basically, "All Filipinos". 

There are just really Filipinos who really tick me off due to the lack of discipline. I know that I'm not supposed to downgrade my own race because I'm a Filipino myself but what can I do? This is happening and I hope that through this blog, the other Filipinos will come to their senses.

So, here are the reasons why the Filipinos are brave:

A. Here are the good reasons:

1. They keep on thriving even if their lives are difficult.


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Generally, Filipinos are fighters no matter what the condition of their lives are. Even if they are financially struggling, they will always find ways to earn money. Even at night, some children sell cigarettes and other stuffs on the street to passers-by via car or on foot.

A young Filipina girl selling some Sampaguitas, the national flower of the Philippines, at night on the streets while being carried by her older sister:


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They are not afraid of the possibility of getting hit by a vehicle.

There are also some Filipinos who would do any profitable sideline just to be able to sustain the needs of their family. Even some Filipinos also try their luck outside the country by working as an OFW (Overseas Filipino Worker), some OFW housemaids are tortured by their bosses resulting to unforgettable tragic events.

This video shows incidents of OFWs maltreated by their bosses:

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This has happened so many times but even so, some Filipinos would still like to try out as OFWs in the hopes of finding a greener pasture. It's just a matter of luck, that's why I can say Filipinos are brave.

2. Filipinos know how to smile despite the calamities.


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After a calamity like typhoon happens, Filipinos will still know how to smile. Recently, Naga in Cebu, Philippines experienced a massive landslide and this has taken numerous lives and so many dreams have been crushed. A lot of the people wept on the sudden loss of their loved ones. This event has been one of the saddest in Philippine history but for sure, two to six months from now, the people will begin to smile again.


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Filipinos can even make fun out of a bad situation like flood and some Filipinos can even choose to have good time while enjoying a bottle of beer with the water being two feet tall from the ground. They can even make jokes and memes out of it. Can you imagine?

3. They don't back out when there's a competition or fight.


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Again, I'm not talking about all Filipinos but many of them don't back out when there's a fight or competition. When a brave Filipina (Filipino woman) is in a foreign country and you try to mess with her, she'll also get even. She won't allow herself to be abused by other races. You want to start a catfight? Then go for it, but beware, she won't allow herself to get beaten. That's how brave she is.


B. And now, this is the main focus of my blog. I would like to make a disclaimer again that this doesn't refer to all Filipinos but only to some. Here are the disappointing reasons why the Filipinos are brave:

1. They text in public despite the fact that it's dangerous.

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Is there something wrong with texting in public? Probably no in many other cities, but when you talk about Cebu, Philippines? It's a big YES.

I don't know about the other cities in the Philippines but as for Cebu, it is very dangerous to text in public these days when killings and robberies have been rampant from side to side. I would like to hide this fact as a Filipino because I'm a Filipino myself but I think this should be exposed so that other Cebuanos (The people living in Cebu) will be aware and I hope that through blogging, they will be reiterated about the magnitude of the danger. So many Cebuanos are very complacent these days. They pull out their phones then text or whatever it is in public such as inside the jeepney as if their phones are too sacred not to get snatched. The thieves are just waiting there at every corner lurking at their next victim and what's worse is that anyone visibly using their phones could be the next victim. To these Cebuanos, why do you always do that? Do you think that you can't have your phones snatched just because it's not happening yet?


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Well, think again. Stop denying that it can happen because it CAN happen. It CAN happen. Where are your brains? You know how much danger is happening to our place and the solution is just actually very easy. Just hide your phones inside your bags but why can't you even do it? Don't you know the danger that has been happening from side to side these days? Or are you just being denial with the fact that it's happening? Who do you think you are? Gods or Goddesses that can't be touched by thieves? Some of you even act complacently as if nothing might happen to you. Don't show how unintelligent you are by being too ignorant on what's happening in reality. It's already all over the news. When will you learn ? When something bad happens to you? When that happens, you blame the government for having the lack of security. Here's what I can tell you, if you want security, then do your job as well. How difficult is it to just use your phone after riding a public vehicle and just use it when you arrive at home or a safe place? It's not difficult, IT'S VERY EASY but you just don't know how to do it because you don't know how to use your common sense.

2. They text at night time in public places.


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Number 1 is actually a bit understandable because it's daytime but this one? I DON'T KNOW. One thing I don't understand is that why do some Cebuanos text in a public area AT NIGHT? There are even others who text WHILE WALKING under a no-lighting area. To this type of people, are you ridiculously crazy? Texting while walking in the middle of late night? I can't believe how stup you can be (I didn't finish the word because I know it's a bad word but I think this is the best word that can describe this type of people, so I just chose to write the word incompletely). You know that there are snatchers and robbers out there but what are you doing? Are you trying to make your own tragic event? How many victims does it need for you to see that it is very dangerous these days? When will you change ways? When you're already victimized? Do you really want to wait till it happens? Fine, just keep on doing it until a tragic event happens to you. Let's see if you can sill text in public.

3. They cross the pedestrian line but it's red light.


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Very brave people!

Why is it that some Cebuanos cross the line even if it's still red light? It's really clear. IF it's really red light, they stop. If it's green light, they cross. This is a very simple logic but some Cebuanos don't know how to use the sentido kumon of their brains. And then when someone gets hit by a car? Who to blame? They will blame it on the driver. Where is the common sense of some of these Filipinos? Simple rules but they are difficult to follow. To all of you (Who are guilty of this), you can't blame me if something else happens to you on the road because I already told you what I had to and it's not already my fault if an accident happens because of stup. 

This child feels the disappointment:


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No wonder again, some Filipinos won't be able to keep up with the intellect of other races because they are too brave.

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