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Filmannex, that all people are using that is with more capabilities, facilities and options that made a simple graphic and clear environment for its users. Everyone could use the film Annex simply.

Filmannex is trying to have better and useful environment for its users, so all filammex employers are trying to increase the filmannex capabilities more and more. They are working that when a user inter into his or her account all the options be ready and could use all of them as they needed.

They could put their blogs or share their videos, link them, share them and comment them. They would be able to express all their ideas about the blogs and share them with their friends.

It means that filmannex employees are trying to make filmannex in dependable from all other social media. As we brought in our last blog, our people are watching all the progression of filmannex and are very thankful of it.

The hatifi high school students are very prosperous that are covering by filmannex. Now they could use their filmannex independently and help others to reach to this useful platform and write blogs. The options that we studied during last week was to invite friends to the platform, save draft of their blogs, deleting of the blogs, making photo gallery and making ablums.

Also they studied to go to community part and see the users and countries that are part of filmannex, opening the others blogs, searching the people and so more. They studies to install the office, in the word program they studied the style, paragraph, fond, commend set clipboard and editing. The students wrote several articles for beside that. We will be waiting for a new platform of filmannex that would be more independent.

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Established in 1938, Hatifi High School is one of the largest schools in Herat, Afghanistan and has 8300 students. The students attend the classes in rotations. The school offers 116 classes only for female students. Film Annex and Citadel are building an INTERNET classroom at Hatifi High School in June…

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