Five Main Groups of Animals With Backbone

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Animals with Backbone around us

The main groups of animals with backbone are:

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1- Mammals: hairy animals whose babies are fed with mother’s milk.

2- Reptiles: animals with dry scales or hard plates on their skin.

3- Amphibians: small animals that spend part of their life cycle in water and part of their life cycle on land.

But because there are many kinds of animals with a backbone in the world there for the scientists divide these animals into five groups.

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1- Mammals:

                             The animals which feed their children with milk are called mammals. Most of the mammals have hair on their bodies. They give birth to their babies. Young mammals feed on milk from their mothers. All mammals have a bony skeleton. Humans are also mammals. The Dolphins and whales are also a kind of mammals and they live in the sea.

Do you know the bats are the only mammals that can fly?

Horse, goat, deer, bat, human are some kinds of mammals.

1.1- Horse:

                            Horses have four legs and long hairs on their neck. They have a tail and two big ears on their head. The horses are herbivores so they eat grass and soft twigs. They birth the babies and feed them on the milk till they get younger. The horses of Arabic ethnicity are considered as the best kind of horses in the entire world.

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1.2- Goat:

                    The Goats are also herbivores and they eat grass and green fodder. They have four legs a tail and two horns on their head. They also have two big ears but instead of standing up ears, like horses, their ears are hanging down.

1.3- Deer:

                     The deer are also herbivores and they eat grass and green fodder like goats. Deer physical structure is almost like a goat. There are minor changes like, there are two horns on the goat's head, while two large ears on deer’s head. Female buck births their babies and feeds them on milk. They have a small tail and can run very fast. They use hind legs to flee.

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2- Birds:

                Birds are the second of the backbone animal’s list. The animals that have feathers on their bodies called birds. Most of the birds are flying animals that can fly. A bird has feathers, a beak, two wings and two claws.

               Birds have hollow bones which make their body very light. Because of having hollow bones they can fly easily. Some birds lay eggs and hatching them to breed. Birds fly with their wings. Eagle, owl, parrot, Sparrow are some kinds of birds.

2.1- Eagle:

               Eagle has two feathers one tail, beak and two very sharp claws. He can fly very fast and high. He hunts on both land and air. During flying, he hunts small birds like pigeon, dove, and sparrows. He struck the victim with his sharp claws and pine tore his sharp beak. The Eagles lay eggs and hatch them to birth their babies.

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2.2- Parrot:

                  Parrot is a very beautiful and pet animal. We raise him in our homes. Most of the parrots have a green color, red beak, and yellow and green tail. The color of their claws is yellow. Parrots also lay eggs and hatch them to birth their babies. If we trained parrot he can speak like us.

2.3- Owl:

                  Owl has almost 200 species around the world. Most of them hunt small animals, insects and some of them hunt fishes too. The owl lays eggs and hatches them to birth babies. The main and the amazing thing about owl is, he can fly without any voice so that the victim can’t get the move of owl towards him.

Experiment! How Does An Owl Fly So Silently? - Super Powered Owls - BBC

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3- Reptiles:

                   The animals which have dry, scaly skin and lay eggs are called reptiles. Most of them have four limbs to walk but the snakes do not have limbs. Snakes, crocodiles, turtles, tortoises and the lizards are some kinds of reptiles.

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3.1- Lizard:

                      Lizard is a reptile and has almost 6000 species. Numerous species of lizards are living in the world. Some lives in human habitations and some prefer to live in the forests. Some are very big in size and some are very small. The lizard lays eggs, and hunt insects and other small animals.

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3.2- Snake:

                   Snakes are a very dangerous reptile. There are almost 3600 species and more than 20 families of snakes have been recognized yet. Some snake poison is very dangerous. The death of both humans and animals can occur by the bite of some snakes. Snakes have no limbs to move. Snakes crawling and use their skin to move. Snakes also lay eggs and they buried them in the ground for the breeding.

3.3- Crocodile:

                  Crocodile is a reptile that can live on land as well as in water. They spend their most of time in the water. In fact, they mostly prefer to live in marshy water instead of original water. They come out of the water only when they want to sock the sun’s light or laying eggs. When it comes time to lay eggs, the crocodiles came out of the water and made a nest in the ground and let the eggs in it. When they finish the laying eggs they put the soil (clay) on them.

                  The female and the male crocodile care their nest and never go far from it. Crocodiles hunt both big and small animals. They struck the victim by their strong jaws and start revolving round and round until the meat and the tissues not suffering from the body.

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3.4- Tortoises and Turtles:

                    Tortoises and turtles can live on land as well as in water. Turtles spend nearly all their lives in the sea. They have a strong shell only the legs and the neck is out of the shell. They can take the neck and the legs in the shell when needed. Mostly they use their shell to protect themselves from hunters. They also lay eggs in their nests. They can live on land but they prefer water to live.

Turtle and Tortoise Differences

Video Credit: Dave Doonon Via YouTube



4- Amphibians:

                      Amphibians can live on land as well as in water. Most amphibians have wet and smooth skin. Amphibians lay eggs. Toads, salamanders, and frogs are amphibians.

4.1- Toads:

                         Toads live on land as well as in water; they can swim in the water with their webbed feet. The toads belong to the Bufonidae family. They have short legs. Their skin is dry and leathery. Often people do not realize the difference between Toads and the Frogs. The skin of the toads has largest of the bumps that cover the parotid glands. This is a common and big difference between the toads and the frogs. They live in lakes and ponds.

4.2- Frogs:

                        There are almost 4800 species of frogs in the world. The frog usually lays eggs in water, the babies of frog called tadpoles that have a small tail. The stout body, cleft tongue, protruding eyes, the absence of a tail in adults, and the limbs folded underneath. The frogs live in lakes and ponds.

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5- Fish:

                         Fish is my last point which I am going to elaborate in this blog. Fish live in water. Every fish has gills, fins, and a tail. They use gills to take in air from water. They use fins and tail to move about in the water. Most fish have scales on their skin and lay eggs. The baby fish is called a fry. A group of fish is called the school.

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Dolphin and whales are mammals and they live in sea water. But overall the Fish includes in the backbone animals.

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