Flower Exhibition in Wah cantt

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Flower Exhibition in Wah cantt



            Wah cantt is Located in Punjab near the city of old civilization, Taxila.  It is now one of the modern city in Pakistan and has been rewarded with name of “small Islamabad” of Pakistan. It is famous for the Factories of arsenals of Pakistan. One of the biggest arsenals Factory named “Pakistan Ordinance factory wah cantt” is there in wah cantt. Wah cantt is beautiful and green city that’s why its name is Wah cantt. The word “Wah” is a urdu word which meant that exclaimed with wonder to look a pretty place or thing.


            Every year there is a flower Exhibition in Wah cantt. Different sub factories, schools, universities, colleges of their local area take a participation in flower Exhibition and present different variety of flowers in their stalls.  The exhibition is now coming in the coming days this year. The scene is very attractive and amazing and every one enjoy a lot there. The flower exhibition is held at “sher shah soori Part” that’s why the enjoyment and refreshment become double because of the beauty of the “Sher Shah Soori Park”.  This park is located near the market named “Aslam Market” in the cantt area.  


            Local and nonlocal visitors come there to see such adorable moment and to enjoy the beauty of natural flowers. In the visitors different people of different ages are present like children, young boys and girls, women and men, old man and old women and lot of people come with his/her family. The high authority officers of the factory also come there with their family to enjoy such an event and make pictures to memories the event.


            I have also gone there with my cousins and brother and saw their flower exhibition with my eyes and enjoyed a lot there. The beauty of flowers and their fragrance made me crazy J. I have also made some photos and here I want to show you all of that photos too.


            There also some stall of birds. Every kind of bird is there in the stalls. The peoples came in the event also buy these birds with one’s choice and keep them in their house. Parrots of different color and kinds are found there in the stalls. Hens and pigeons are of different kind are also found and the people buy them. Here I also want to show your some photographs of their look and variety:


            The event of the flower exhibition remained for two days so that the visitors from distance area can able to see the event. The day is fully colorful with different color of the flowers and the Gardeners of every stall show their enthusiasm to keep their stall more attractive and pleasant. They decorated their stalls very cleanly and attractively. At the end of the event, the chairman of the “Pakistan Ordinance Factory, Wah cantt” gives the prizes to the stall’s owner on the behalf of their outstanding performance. So I suggest the people who are able to reach there that they must ho there and don’t miss the natural beauty of the flowers. 



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