Food Stories: Chai garam chai!

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Chai's romance with the subcontinent goes way back. The English may have invented tea time, but the desis of the world embraced it with such warmth, that the beverage is now synonymous with the subcontinental lifestyle.

Many a match made in heaven are solidified over a cup of chai; best friends are made over a cup of chai; office breaks (like the ones we enjoyed at the Haroon House of the '90s) have led to lasting friendships over cups.

Truth is, the only thing that can capture all the history and essence of chai'srelationship with the people is ... a strong cup of chai itself.

It may surprise you to know that at the dawn of the 20th century, the people of the subcontinent were mostly unaware of the art of tea-making.

According to British historian, Lizzie Collingham:

"The conversion of the subcontinental population to tea-drinking was a result of what must have been the first major marketing campaign in the time of 20th century India. The British-owned Indian Tea Association, set itself the task for first creating a new habit among the population, and then spreading it across the entire subcontinent."

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