For the new people that is & needs Bitcoins/Satoshi

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Hey guys, here are some free satoshi's from the best faucets out right now! :)

**best wallet**(XAPO) (comes with your own vault)

free bitcoins? also want to double it?

do you leave your computer on? want to earn bitcoins while at it? (open a xapo wallet account for instant deposit)
also the sister site (open a xapo wallet account for instant deposit)

honestly this would be one of the best faucets ive ever been on.. seriously

You can also go here an try to win $200 every 30min. but to be honest your going to win
2 cents most of the time, unless you get really lucky like one of my buddys. he won $100
you never know! try it out!

I will be adding more faucets in the future maybe daily if i come around any, I want to help everyone that needs help in getting coins or if they are new to this, because i am new and no one is helping me im just researching, so for the new people, I will help u and we can all help each other :)

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