Free 7.5 $ :v :P

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Here you go
1. Register here ===>
2.In your first login you will see "Claim Your Free Sign up Bonus Now ..." on the dashboard page. Click on that !
3.You can now choose the payment processor that you want your welcome bonus to sit in. In order to do that, please click on the bonus button next to the payment processor of your choice. In the below example the STP processor has been selected.
4.Go on buy shares and then buy test plan
5. After submit then you will go to next page
On this page, fill in the purchase form as follows:

Share/Shares: set the number of shares to 1.
Pay Via: check mark the "Re-purchase"
Processor: select your payment processor - in the below example, the selected processor is STP.
Its done now sit back and chillass and 5 $ will turn into 7.5 $ and u can withdraw

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