Free Bitcoin Litecoin Shimly Klammlose Gold Silver Uero Usd Everyday.

Posted on at is no ordinary PTC Page.

You have to login only once daily  to get your daily fee. offers  10  levels and and in each level you earn 10% on your downline

You can rent zombies to earn more. 100 zombies bring you 1000% more fee per day.

Every user can have up to 5000 Zombies. These are 50,000% Bonus for your daily payout.

To rent zombies you need Shimly. Shimly is the universal currency on our site.

You can swap shimly in our marketplace. (USD - Shimly), (EUR - Shimly), (BTC - Shimly),...


If you do not own BTC or USD or EUR you can also earn Shimly at SuperRewards.

You can find it in the menu under "Shimly".

Take free surveys or actions in and earns Shimly.

Step 1.  every day login to get your daily free BTC LTC etc.

Step 2.  Recruit new user to increase the earnings

Step 3.  Purchasing Zombies with Shimly to increase your income

Step 4.  Earn extra by Currency Trading

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