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Surprised when I saw this little thing on the ads section that there's a free buzz point added for this free tshirt which I am seeing are shirts for some charity organizations. I thought it was so cool that I immediately took off some of the treasured avatar costumes out of my inventory. I deleted off my Easter Bunny headband as well as the Egg Basket and some shoes too! I have even deleted my expensive hand bags to free up some inventory spaces.

And I had finally added up the shirts. Three buzzes should have been added but I see no changes on my buzz score. I know that there are certain times when the buzzes update after a few minutes or even hours but I am done with the daily quests and yet I still have no additional three points.

It's just funny that I realize, there's no such thing as free these days. It was a mistake believing it. But then after the reset, I guess it was indeed added up. I have very low direct powerups now adays, I guess I should work on it. An addition to that is the amount which the site had deducted from my base buzz. It still hurts though but anyway, I need to move one.

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