Friend Or Enemy

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America is friend of Pakistan or enemy?  This question is still in our minds from last 65 years. Without going in to past if we concentrate on the recent visit of our president Nawaz sharif to America. We will came to know that what we were expecting from America and what America thinks about us and our govt leaders. Before  president’s visit it was expected that America will support Pakistan economy, there will be no drone attacks and Dr.Aafia will be released. But nothing happened like that.

The meeting between president Nawaz sharif and Obama was for almost 2 hours but one knows the full details of that meeting. what was decided  in that meeting should be disclosed to the parliament and whole population. Because in past due to such secret and meetings Pakistan has faced a lot of challenges in the form of terrorism and Drone attacks. The whole population should know the details of that meeting. But unluckly these details will never be disclosed. President Nawaz sharif said that we have to change ourselves first. This means that America wants him to play in the back foot and obey the orders of captain (Obama). Why our president cannot take the attention America to our own problems. The whole fault is in our leaders.

Today our homeland has become like a grave  yard. Our foolish and illiterate leaders are responsible for it. No one can talk about droon attacks and Dr afia siddiqi. Pakistan is going backward  day by day. Life is becoming difficult in this country because it is economically destroyed and peace has escaped from it.

When our leaders will gain courage to put stress on America. When they will decide themselves for the benefit of this nation. No one knows. 

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