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all the friends and helpers of the prophet (S.A.W) loved each other and cooperated very much. they shared their joys and pains. that is why they were successful and soon they conquered half the world and set up peace and Allah's laws in these lands. cooperation can move mountains

 one day someone sent a piece of mutton to a companion of our prophet (S.A.W) he accepted it but though, "another person is more needy that i am" so he sent the mutton to that man. that man accepted at but sent it to another man. but this man too said "i know a man who needs this more than me" so he sent it to another man

. but this man too said "i know a man who needs this more than me" so he sent it to another man. in this way the piece of mutton passed many hands and at lest it come back to the first Sahabi who had sent it. all these people knew e ach other's needs and pains. they had sympathy and love for each other. and shared their needs pains and joys together. this is called cooperation . sometimes people who are doing the same work don't cooperate. then they harm the work sometimes, they fight some so not fight but do not also support others in the good work. then they behave like ants. 

. why? the ants pull an object in opposite direction. each group pulls the object the object finally moves slowly but it could have moved faster if the ants had cooperated and pushed it together in the same direction. look at this picture to see how these children are cooperating yes dear friends share each other's good work, pains, needs and joys like the Sahabah who sent the piece of mutton around

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