Funny incident of a deaf person.

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This is a short funny story .One man is quite deaf and can only listen some voices which are very loud. He lives alone in home and was courteous man and wants to become very social and helpful person.One day he came to know that his neighbor was ill and many of other fellows came to his home for investigating his health . The deaf man thinks that by meeting the ill person he will become social . He get ready for going to his house than he speak to him self and said "I can't hear properly and ill person Can't speak so loudly then what should i do there"Than he got an idea and said that i ask those questions to him that are often asked by other people to the sick person . By this i and the ill person both will be safe from trouble.

Before going to the sick person's home he start recalling the questions. Normally when a person goes to percy Patient than the first question to patient is that "How are you feeling now?" than the patient normally answer that "I am better now"and the person replies "Thanks God". Than the second question is "From which doctor you are getting treatment". The patient  told the name of a famous doctor and the person replies "He is very good doctor, and continue taking treatment from him". Third question is that "What are you eating now a days?". The patient replies with a light dish name. and he answer that "it is good for you continue eating it ". He start remembering these lines again and again and goes to the patient house.

He knocks at the door the servant open the door and he moves directly to the patient's room .and he remembers the lines in his mind. The patient is lying on the bed and he sat exactly on his front chair. The servant served him with tea and the deaf person drink it in one sip so that if he waste time in taking tea slowly than probably he forget the questions and answer sequence.

After tea Deaf man start his pre learned questions .He asks "How are you feeling now?" As the patient is felling too much pain at that time so he replies "I am dieing" deaf man says"Thanks God". The patient get surprised on this sentence. Than He asked the next question "From which doctor you are getting treatment ?"  The ill person answered in anger "The Devil". The deaf reply "He is very good doctor, and continue taking treatment from him". On hearing this the patient get angry .

Now the deaf asked his third question "What are you eating now a days?" The patient replied with great anger "Poison" The deaf get happy that he had successfully complete his conversation and says with great smile "good , good , very good this food is best for you continue taking it i am very much happy for you " On these words the patient screamed with anger , call his servant and ordered him to throw this man out of house and never let him enter again in house . On this the deaf man become very sad and said while going home "What did i done wrong .What a ill mannered person he is?" . . . .

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