1. What to do?

In the contest 'The honest answer "that was dedicated to the Participants of men, the jurors only give a single general question for all the candidates: Before you get married, what are you doing?
There are thousands of candidates to countless answer, such as: "I'm looking for job", "I build a house", "I found lover" ... And the first prize is for the answer:
- Before getting married I do whatever I like!

2. Division

Today - the teacher said - we will do some practical exercises in the division.
Go to Matheo, the teacher asked:
- It was on a Sunday, you sat at the table with your dad and your sister. By the dessert time, your mom took out a cream cake and prepares to cut a piece of cake for each person equally. So how many pieces have your mom cut?
- Dear Ma'am, four,
- Good. Just then, suddenly your uncle, your aunt and their two children come, what does your mom do?
- Dear Ma'am, my mom rushes immediately to put the cake back in the fridge