Games and Sports

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                                   THE USES AND VALUES OF GAMES


The Introduction

                            Games and sports have always been taken as a necessary part of a nations life.Games were played in olden times as much as they are played today.






                                                                      Outdoor games include Football,Hockey,cricket baseball, etc.Indoor games include cards,carom,chess,table tennis,etc.some games like badminton can be played inside a building as well as outside.

    Games improve our health and make us active. outdoor games give us a lot of exercise to the body tennis everyday hardly ever  falls ill.

    Games teach us well how to compete with others in life.They make us brave. We do not lose heart  or get discouraged when we fail to win.We do not become sad or angry because we know defeatis a necessary part of playing.

     Games and sports in fact build our characters.

      Games and sports are very useful if they are rightly played.We should try to play the games suited to us in a regular way.HOWEVER,we should not play games at the rate of our studies or duties in society

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