Games how they are valuable for our life

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"All work and no play makes jack a dull boy", is an old saying.Physical fitness is an condition for mental alertness and good health is the greatest gift of the Allah Almighty. Healthy people can think proporly,act promptly and work persistently. In the present day world,work is the only way to success and in order to live up to the expectations of this demanding world, one needs to have a healthy body. An unhealthy person remains unhappy and dispirited. Regular exerciese is one way to stay fit,but it may also become boring to play one game all the time. In that case trying ones hand at different games is quite a luring option to keep us physically fit.

In all the games, some rules must be followed. Those who play foul are reprimanded or not allowed to play. If rules of the game are not observed, games will no longer remain the civilized activites of human being. Games make us disciplined in thinking and in actions which ultimately leads to discipline among all the members of a society.. We must play as a team; individual and selfish play spoils the chances of the victory. In team games, every player cooperates with other player in order to defeat the opponent side with collective effort.If we develop this very this very important team spirit in our daily lives,perhaps, most of the problems of the world will be solved. Thus games help to restrain our animal instincts and keep them under control by preferring aggressiveness and team spirit over selfish individual play.

While playing different team games,one has to obey the captain while in the field ,the player is not supposed to dispute the decisions of the captain. If the players start disobeying their captain , there will be anarchy in the ground.

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