Gear Review: Chellee Guitars Odie Overdrive Pedal

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Picture a nice Sunday drive on a one-lane country road ... and that idiot in front of you is going 5 mph under the speed limit!

Odie by Chellee Guitars began as a Tube Screamer-style overdrive pedal but widened the scope on each end to give you more options, or—to get back to that country road—they hacked down some trees and made a four-lane highway.

Drive, Level and Tone are all knobs I’m sure you’re familiar with, but the Odie has two additional three-way switches—Texture and Voicing. Texture selects between asymmetrical diode clipping, clean boost and Mosfet clipping. Voicing selects between a flat EQ response, a mid bump (classic TS sound) and a low-end boost (great for making a smaller amp sound bigger).

Each pedal is handbuilt in the U.S., features true-bypass switching and can be powered by a supplied 9-volt battery or a 9- or 18-volt power supply. 

On to the audio clips!

Clip 1 is a Strat with the Texture set to diode clipping and the Voicing set to mid bump to get that classic Tube Screamer tone. I had the Drive set low, the Tone around 12 o’clock and the Volume boosted to about 3 o’clock.

Clip 2 is a Les Paul with Texture flipped over to Mosfet clipping and the Voicing on low end boost. It gets a pretty mean modern rhythm tone.

Clip 3 is a Strat with everything around 12 o’clock, Texture set to Clean Boost and the Voicing set to Flat. While it’s not 100 percent clean, it really fattens up single-coil pickups.

Clip 4 is a Strat with a humbucker in the bridge. Texture was back on diode clipping, Voicing was on mid bump and I turned up the Tone and the Drive to about 2 o’clock to get a more classic Marshall-type overdrive with plenty of finger noise.


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