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Since I was a little kid, I already love watching wrestling. I grew up watching classic superstars which was during the time of Hulk Hogan, Ultimate Warrior, Macho King and Undertaker. My most favorite among these classic superstar is the Ultimate Warrior especially when he defeated the mighty Hulk Hogan. Of course, Hulk Hogan is also one of my favorite wrestler because he is a good guy.

Time went by so fast where these classic superstars have reached their old age and retired. Although, some of them still show themselves as guests on today's WWE show. Hulk Hogan still visits the WWE with his own classic entrance and charismatic signature of enticing the entire crowd. Aside from Hogan is the Undertaker. I'm still surprised that he is still able to compete but at least just once a year particularly during the "Wrestle Mania" events.

Gerald's Favorite Modern Superstars

There will always be new superstars who will emerge and even surpassed the previous iconic classic superstars. If you are a WWE fan just like me then I'm pretty sure that you can name a lot of them.

Here's my top 5 favorite modern superstars:

1. CM Punk

Sometimes, being good at wrestling is not entertaining enough. So when it comes to CM Punk, he's got quite a good mic-skill. He is good at talking giving out motivational speeches before his matches. This is what I really like about him which strongly adds up to the entertainment of watching his every fights.

2. John Cena

John Cena is the "Superman" or "Superhero" of WWE. At some point, WWE is being ruled by the wicked wrestlers including the administration such as the CEO, Managers and other staffs. Somebody needs to stand against them and John Cena is one of the leading wrestlers who fight for what is right.

3. The Big Show

The Big Show is on my favorite superstar on the list because I like watching him due to his humongous size. He is actually the biggest athlete in the world today. If WWE is not scripted, I'm pretty sure that no can defeat the Big Show it's because I believe in the saying that goes, "Size does matter".

 4. The Rock

Just like CM Punk, I like The Rock because he also got good mic-skill. Unfortunately, he no longer wrestle because he is now a Hollywood Superstar.

5. Daniel Bryan

Daniel Bryan have taken control of the entire WWE crowd due to his popular "Yes! Yes! Yes!" chant. His best match that I watched was against John Cena where they fought fair-and-square. And surprisingly, this little guy had beaten the mighty champ and became a WWE Champion.

I still have a long list of superstars but those are the top five. How about you? Who is your favorite WWE superstars? List them down below.

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