GIVE-A-DAY : Bestseller brands to donate customer spend to charity

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GIVE-A-DAY : Bestseller brands to donate customer spend to charity

We definitely take our hats off to the BESTSELLER brands in Athlone Towncentre for their upcoming fundraiser… On Friday 10th April the BESTSELLER brands within Athlone Towncentre, which include VERO MODA, JACK & JONES and NAME IT, together with their BESTSELLER colleagues worldwide will give everything spent by customers to charity.

GIVE-A-DAY is about giving something back to the communities, where customers have helped the brands to grow.

‘We decided to arrange a world-wide charity day across all brands and countries in BESTSELLER under the key statement “Everything our customers spend on 10 April 2015, we give to charity”. What it means in practical terms is that BESTSELLER A/S will donate an amount equalling the net turnover of all BESTSELLER-owned and partner-owned retail stores, all BESTSELLER-owned online shops plus the net turnover of our b2b sales on 10 April 2015. The total donation will be the accumulated turnover from all participating countries excl. local VAT’

Half of the total donation will be donated to local charity causes in the countries where BESTSELLER has its stores. The other half will be donated to major global charity causes.

50% donation to a country specific charity based in the country where BESTSELLER operates its stores. In the case of Ireland the chosen charity is The Children’s Medical & Research Foundation which is the fundraising umbrella for Our Lady’s Children’s Hospital, Crumlin and the National Children’s Research Centre. The team has one simple mission – helping kids and their families. They do this by supporting the hospital to deliver state of the art facilities, equipment, infrastructure, leisure and entertainment devices for the children, accommodation for families and other special requirements and needs.

50% of each country’s net turnover will be donated to charity causes that take place on a global scale. BESTSELLER has chosen to cooperate with Save the Children, UNICEF and GAIN as global partners. In addition to these three organisations a project will also be run by the BESTSELLER FUND.

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