Do you ever look around you and feel overwhelmed by what you see? Busy roads, swarms of people, building sites, huge tall buildings, and noise. Even when we are in the comfort of our own homes, the peace is hard to find. The honking of a car horn, a plane flying overhead, the TV blaring out, or next door's children shrieking in play.

Have you ever been in a place where there is no one else? A place where all you can see is the stillness of nature, save for the breeze, or the ripple of a stream? If you haven't done this in a long time, make you sure you do it soon. There is nothing quite like it.

As a child, I once lay on my back in a field on a hot summer's day. I looked up to the fluffy clouds and felt that I was the only person in the world. You would think that would be a scary thought to a child, but to be honest I felt such calm I could have stayed there forever.

There is something very wonderful about being at one with nature. Soaking up the vast sky, either during the day or the night is very healing in an odd way. Seeing the leaves blowing in the wind, a bird soaring above, or watching the way water moves down a river is very cathartic. It reminds you the world is there for you and it is a beautiful place to be.