God is one

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The first you find a good friend which that be always with you. That friend who in sleep, wake up, health, sickness, happy, unhappy, thirsty, hungry finally at all time be came whit you.

Finally you have to choose for your life fiend God.

 Because God is the creator of the world. All the universe of the world has one owner.

That owner is God. Allah hasn’t similar. Allah is alone. Allah is very kind.  Allah is kinder of the mother.

When you have faith in God you believe you are shelter of. A pious man is always success at the all life so the a pious man the doomsday is happy because that chose

In his life for his God.

The God worshiper custom is the best way. Because your reward is up to God.     

 you must know God give your reward very soon.

The prophet Mohammad said.

Give a worker wages before his sweat dries.


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Firooz Amajid a medical faculty student in Herat University.

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