good habits and bad habits

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There are always good habits and bad habits, good habits will always lift you higher up and the bad habits will always tear you down or lower your standards. You are the only one that brings the measure of success to yourself when you exchange the bad habits for the good habits. No one is going to help you out of a pit that you got yourself into in the first place by the bad habits of corruption or greed or stealing from people by deceiving them. People will always come to your help when they know you are trying and they see that in and through your actions. The one thing you do, is keep trying, the one thing you never do is to give up on yourself. There are many hurting children, taking their own lives as they have lost all hope and have no help to turn to in many cases seen. When they are gone, no one really misses or thinks about that for more than a day or two. So truth is, only you need to take care of you and be a success in all you do because only you can make it through

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