Government plans to initiate Anti-Terror Academy

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The terror strikes with falling heavily on the security of the nation; the government is planning a proposal to put forward an academy to counter the terror attacks, our very first “Counter- Terrorism Academy” The academy aspires to readdress security establishment focusing on training, research and forensic science.

The academy wishes to include a training centre, a centre for excellence in forensics and a think tank to focus on research on internal security issues. No core group exists till now in our country that monitors and investigates into internal security matters. This proposal is indeed a protected measure to be a much-admired.

The internal security has always been a challenge for India since independence. Unity in diversity has largely been true in Indian context, but also the reason for various internal conflicts as well. Demand for separate States, autonomy, reservation, anarchy, and the use of violent means to protest against exploitation and Government decisions are the challenges to internal security which India needs to address. These problems are much more complex due to the fact that stakeholders in these conflicts are our own people. While violent means can further alienate them, most of them are not ready to talk either. This initiative will pave the way to resume talks to settle matters hopefully. 

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