Gresik United CEO Arema Ask for Help, There Is?

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There was no wind and rain Gresik United's management plans to request assistance Arema CEO of Cronus, Iwan Budianto to find the best players for the Warriors Joko Samudro.

It sounds funny. Therefore, whether consciously or not, is one of the rivals Arema Gresik United. Obviously Arema became one of the team that will face United in the competition Gresik Indonesia Super League (ISL) next season.

However Gresik United manager, Bagoes Cahyo Yowono admitted that he asked for help in finding players to Iwan next season. "Yes we communication with Mas Iwan related Gresik United player next season," I Bagoes.

According Bagoes, Iwan is a person skilled in Indonesian football. Iwan also known as jellies get quality players. With experience, Iwan is expected to be a bridge to bring in star players.

"We learned a lot from the figure Mas Iwan Budianto, especially next season Gresik United's management wants to be better than last season," added Bagoes.


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