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Grilled Chicken Shashlick


Step 1: Chicken Marination

Chicken Boneless Breast (Cubes Cutting) 1 Kg 
Worcestershire Sauce ¼ Cup
Black Pepper ½ Tsp
French Mustard Paste 2 Tsp
Paprika Powder 1 Tsp
Salt 1 Tsp
Tomato Ketchup ¼ Cup
B.B.Q Sauce ¼ Cup
Red Crushed Chilies 1 Tsp

Step 2: Vegetables

Capsicums (Cubes Cutting) As Required
Onions (Cubes Cutting) As Required
Tomatoes (Cubes Cutting) As Required
Green Chilies (Julian Cutting) As Required

Step 3: Shashlick Sauce

Oil ¼ Cup
Tomato Ketchup ½ Cup
White Vinegar ¼ Cup
B.B.Q Sauce ½ Cup
Sugar 1 Tbsp
Red Crushed Chilies 1 Tbsp
Salt Pinch


Chicken Marination Process
First cut the chicken into cubes form. Then marinate it with French mustard paste, tomato ketchup, Worcestershire sauce, paprika powder, red crushed chilies, black pepper, B.B.Q sauce and salt to taste.
Mix it well and then leave it for a few minutes.

Method for skewers

Cut capsicum into half discard seeds and cut the flesh into 3 cm pieces. Cut onion into quarters and separate the layers. Cut tomato into half and discard seeds, cut flesh into 3 cm pieces.

Making Of Shashlick Sauce

To prepare the shashlick sauce: Heat some oil in a sauce pan and then add tomato ketchup, white vinegar, red crushed chilies, B.B.Q sauce, sugar and salt to taste. Cook till it starts simmering. Taste to see if any further seasoning is required.

Making Of Grilled Chicken Skewers

Take a bamboo skewer first add tomatoes followed by onions, capsicums and chicken. Repeat the procedure three times it’s up to you. Now brush or spread the shashlick sauce all over the shashlick skewers, after 5 minutes change the side and also spread shashlick sauce. Grill skewers more 8-10 minutes or until chicken melt properly and the vegetables are soft. Take off from stove. Spread boiled rice in a tray and put shashlick skewers and garnish with lettuce, lemon and tomatoes. Chef's tip; you can make this shashlick in grill pan or simple fry pan. For fast melting chicken, always skew tomato piece after chicken piece.

Cook Time: 15 To 20 Minutes.
Serve Hot.

Zara's Ministry Of Food's photo.
Zara's Ministry Of Food's photo.

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