Hacking by India.

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This time i am going to talk about the hacking by Indian Hackers.

KARACHI: Official website of Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) has been hacked by Indian hackers on Thursday because of Bilawal Bhutto’s anti-India statement.Patron-in-Chief of PPP(Pakistan People Party) Bilawal Bhutto Zardari on Tuesday posted a message at his official twitter account as follows,

"Another attack on LOC. seems India adopting Israle model vs Pakistan.Modi must realize we can retaliate unlike his victims from Gujarat".

Altering the main page of PPP website www.ppp.org.pk, Indian hackers placed their flag and wrote several messages criticizing Bilawal Bhutto for his tweet,

The hackers has placed a message at the webpage as follows,

” Hello Mr. Bilawal Bhutto !!!

To Citizens of Pakistan, Pakistan’s Army, Pakistan Peoples Party and Specially Mr. Bilawal Bhutto . Without any Violence Let Me tell you that Pakistan will never Get Kashmir. This is the Truth. You Have to Accept it :) “

That was a very bad activity by the Indians and a very strange response is expected by Pakistanis as the Bilawal Bhutto showed that.


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