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It's been a busy few days with speakers and company visits. Many of the speakers are engaging and have a lot to share about the realm of social enterprise in which their organization operates in.  Yesterday Averil spoke to us about advocacy and Outreach. She was part of the first IDEX cohort based in Hyderabad working with a low income school. After her fellowship she started her own organization through the Nike foundation. She shared her experiences as how as a foreigner she utilized her network and contacts that she gained as fellow to get families to enroll their daughters in her summer camps. She runs Voice For Girls India that focuses on health, safety and future planning. 

Madan from Head Held High came to speak with us. He was very engaging and involved us wit questions and highlighting that it is important to ask questions. What you see is what you get. Learning the problems and systems enables solving the symptoms is mistaken for a cause. Value = benefit divided by price. There is no one solution fits all. Your story was very interesting on the power of telling your story and being able to get past your name, education and accomplishments but digging deeper to what drives you and your passions. Shardha shared her story growing up in Bihar and the path she took within communications after taking the first opportunity to leave the state.

Today Karthi shared her story from a design perspective, she started off as a designer for the corporate world designing electronics and apps. Now she works on the design for social innovation and with creative entrepreneurs. At dream in we talked about our dreams and videotaped each others dreams. Some videos were shown for every to view and give feedback. It was very engaging but I was caught off guard with the whole videotaping thing. They are a social enterprise think tank that works with individuals who share their dream to cultivate and implement them.


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