Hani EXID Nangis di Seoul Music Awards 2016

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Hani EXID Nangis di Seoul Music Awards 2016

Hani EXID appointed as MC at the awards music Seoul Music Awards (SMA) in 2016. In this event, the singer of "Hot Pink" is accompanied by Jeon Hyun Moo and Honey Lee.

While guiding high school in 2016, Hani had cried result joke Moo Hyun. At that time, Hyun Moo catapult concerning Xiah Junsu JYJ joke, lover Hani.

In response to this, Yedang Entertainment finally issued an official statement on Friday (15/1). The agency that houses the EXID recognize what they do Hani less professional.

"We agree that action Hani is not a professional," said the representative Yedang. "But we can not ask you how you feel Hani at the time. It is his personal life and we should not ask why she was crying."

Hani da Junsu affair exposed last January 1. At that time, the Dispatch to publish photographs of their date


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