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Haripur is one of the most important city in the Hazara Division in Khyber  Pakhtunkhwa,  Pakistan. It is located in the North of Pakistan. It is the gateway to the northern areas of Pakistan. Karakoram Highway passed through it. It is approximately 60-65km in the North Islamabad, The Capital of Pakistan.


 The name Haripur was given to this area because of Sikh general Hari Singh Nalwa in 1822 who founded this city and became the headquarters of Sikhs until mid of 18th century. A lot of battles were fought between Muslims and Sikhs in this area, but the Sikhs were dominant in that era.

Population of Haripur was less in 1990’s about 4-4.5 lac but now it is exceeding to 1 million. This is because, the people from hilly areas nearby, migrated to Haripur in order to meet their needs. And secondly, it is the safest area free from terrorist activities.

Hindko is the language of Haripur. As most of the Pashtuns living here, that’s why Pashtu language is the second language of Haripur. Urdu is being a National language, understood and spoken by the native people.


Haripur is surrounded by hills and mountains .It is a green valley, rich in fruits and vegetables. As it is an agricultural area, the source of income for most of the people is from agriculture. Haripur is famous for its guavas and lichi. Khanpur, the area of Haripur, is known for its oranges, and is exported all over the country.

As I have mentioned before that Haripur  is the most important city of Pakistan because it is now going to be one of the best and safest Industrial area all over the country.The name of industrial area is Hattar. Tarbela Dam, the largest source of hydroelectric power of Pakistan, and Khanpur Dam is located in Haripur. Both dams have view points, people from rest of the country come to spend their vacations and enjoy the beautiful weather. Beside this one of the biggest telephone industry (Telephone Industry of Pakistan) of Asia is lying outside city.


Literacy rate of Haripur is high throughout province. It is nominated 1st in the literacy rate in Khyber Pakhtukhwa and 10th throughout country.

These are the facts and information of Haripur which I have collected.

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