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The 2015 MY Harley Davidson Road King is a classic cruiser, that offers almost the same level of comfort and load-carrying capacity as any mid-sized touring motorcycle. A detachable windscreen, color-matching, hard saddlebags and a two-up, low seat gives it the touring capabilities most classic cruisers lack. Aesthetically, it you detach the saddlebags and the windscreen, it looks like it was ripped from a 60's motorcycle magazine. A dual exhaust system, lots of chrome, fuel tank, fender and engine steel badges, plus a studded leather seat, all combine to give it a proper House Milwaukee look. And when it comes to performance, at its heart lies the dependable, air-cooled, High Output Twin Cam 103 powerplant, mated to a six-speed manual transmission, which can produce an 138 Nm of torque. This engine is balanced enough for an enjoyable boulevard stroll, and powerful enough for extended, highway long hauls.


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