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In the developed world, the average man lives until he is 75.4 years old, and the average woman lives to 80.2. in general, the illness the causes the most deaths is heart disease, and Monday is the most common day for a heart attack. Men tend not to get married until they are 30, but the average woman marries at 28. Men admit to causing a serious argument with their spouse seven times a year, but women claim they are only guilty of this once a year. Thirty percent of men buy flowers for their partners after an argument.


A recent study of 63 countries shows that women who work time earn 16% less than men who work full time. Globally, 48% of men and 12% of women smoke. While all smokers say that they smoke to reduce stress and be social, women are more likely to smoke in order to lose weight. The average person in the developed world will eat 27,200 kilograms (59,840 pounds) of food in his or her lifetime the weight of more than six elephants. Men eat more meat and poultry, especially duck, veal, and ham. Women generally eat more vegetables, especially carrots and tomatoes. But strangely enough, men eat more asparagus and brussels sprouts! And only 36% of women worry about their weight. On the other hand, 90% of women don’t like their bodies and the average woman tries to diet six times in her life.