Hearthstone anyone?

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I've been playing Hearthstone for a bit now and have started to develop quite a knack for using my shaman deck properly! It was frustrating at first because I had no idea what I was doing but now that I have slightly better cards and know how to use them I have been able to win more matches! I still lose though whenever I go against a player that has a legendary card but that is to be expected! Being a fan of Yu Gi Oh I have already started to see the similarities and am also appreciating the differences! One of the aspects I really appreciate though is the fact that I can turn a duel around by using cards early or saving them for later! As well as the daily quests which make obtaining cards much more easier without having to chip out any money! Granted it is a pain to actually win a few duels but nothing is easy! I didn't build my spellcaster and evil swarm yu gi oh deck in one day! What about you all? Have you played or are you planning on playing Hearthstone? :)


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