Highly Recommend Gamble or Gaming Site. Most faucets are 500 Satoshi every 5 mins, with up to 2000 SAT every 75 secs

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High Paying Gamble Event Going on At BitVest Now (Safe)

Updated on 11/12/15  Bet ID is at 760,000 now.

New Bounty is SET hit Bet ID at 800,000 for the price of 0.001 Btc and Hit Bet ID at 850,000 TO WIN 0.005 BTC.


One of the Best Gamble Site Highly Recommend for those who are unsure.
100% instant payout. Chat with Other when you are betting. Fun and Active Member/Dev.


 Most faucets are 500 Satoshi every 5 mins, with up to 2000 SAT every 75 secs, we are giving away so much its like you're robbing us.

Rainbot: Up to 0.00020000 Bitcoin credited every few mins to a random chatter!
  Happy Hours: Surprise happy hours at random of up to 10X over standard amount!
  Faucet: 250 Satoshi (8X Promo) -> A Massive up to 2000 Satoshi /75 sec Bitcoin Faucet!

Multidrop: Drop up to 32 Bits at once

Customize: Design your own row, and play your own game


Get onto LeaderBored and Win up to 1 Btc as price Event End at 1st of Jan 2016

Bitvest, is a highly payout gamble site which you can verify your bet and also win bitcoin.

Gamble is depend on your luck the chance of winner is depend on you.

There is no 100% of winner in gambling.

Simple easy Game to try out just bet everytime you receive your free satoshi.

no limit on how many satoshi you may get.

Withdrawal minimum is 0.001 which = to 100,000 Satoshi.

let bring some Bitcoin home with you by testing your luck.

In Bitvest you can custom your Drop rate by the settle below .

high per roll if you are lucky you may win the amount your bet x1250 or x200 depend on how you wanna to set.

What you waiting for ? Free Bitcoin and Free Game for you to play if you are able to win wow that is even better.




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