History Of Coca Cola

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The history of Coca -Cola is a story of success in the business of any other . There are very few products or brands that have occupied an important place in America and around the world for a long time , such as Coca -Cola. The history of Coca -Cola from all the way back to 1886 , and his invention led to the production , which is probably the most popular flavor in the world ever since. The history of Coca -Cola , including the development , production and distribution of Coca -Cola is easily one of the most successful companies of all time.

The history of Coca -Cola started in Atlanta , Georgia, in 1886 by a pharmacist named Dr. John S. Pemberton . Years earlier , in 1863 , Pemberton had a drink called French Wine Coca Pemberton , who probably developed a spin-off of coca wine in Europe , and has been widely used as a nerve tonic , stimulant and headache.

But in 1886 the ban was present and Pemberton was forced by what he has done for sweetened with sugar instead of wine to change the formula . Its flavor syrup was mixed with carbonated water at a local pharmacy and the result was a drink that took those samples as "excellent" , and decided that they should sell . Partner and accountant Pemberton, Frank M. Robinson came up with the name , and also designed the clear writing is the name you used a registered trademark , now follows.

It was at Coca -Cola sells soda fountain in the Atlanta area for 5 cents a glass. Sales for the first year , an average of nine drinks per day. Pemberton ran the first newspaper ad in the history of Coca -Cola in May this year , and said that as a remedy for a variety of diseases .
The history of Coca -Cola is not without drama. The time Pemberton died in 1888 , there were three versions of Coca -Cola sold. A businessman named Asa Griggs Chandler had bought the rights to produce Coca -Cola, as a group of four business people , and his son Charley Pemberton also produce their own version .

Pemberton said that the party I could use the formula , but that his son had the rights to the official name , Chandler tries to sell a product under different names , but with little success. This led to the search Chandler law both the name and the formula and complete control of the market.

Chandler was a willing seller, and the history of Coca -Cola to make their marketing strategies. It is firmly believed widely used in the hype. Also distributed thousands of coupons good for a free sample products of all kinds of products memories with Coca -Cola, and in 1916 , the famous Coca -Cola bottle , which was one of the most popular packages for a product ever.

Since then, the history of Coca -Cola has been an incredible success , and may be trademarks of any kind in the known world. Coca -Cola are now over 400 brands that can be purchased almost anywhere in the world. Always been advertising for Coca -Cola innovative and powerful, and had a great impact on the marketing strategies of many companies in many industries. It was and remains one of the most successful and most admired companies in history. In addition to its pure economic success , Coca -Cola was established as something of a cultural phenomenon .

The recipe for Coca -Cola has remained a closely guarded secret , as it was passed from one generation to another, and according to legend , held in a company vault , safe from potential replicators . The rich and successful history of Coca -Cola has so far, it is not expected that your domain name , the short-term failure .

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