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Series of oppression on women must end now. It does not exist in just one form rather this oppression exists in many forms like, acid attacks, honor killings, domestic violence, tradition of making vani and swara. Why is man so insensitive? Why all the problems are fate of women? Why all the suffering has been concerned with the name of the women? When these series of oppression will end? Whether it is military dictatorship or Spiritual dictatorship woman is always its biggest victim. Many of us know the tragic and brutal reality that in some parts of Pakistan many girls are made the wives of Holy Book Quran-e-Pak. The name of this ritual is “HAQ BAKHSHVAI” .This curse is most common in Sindh Province.

No one knows when this ritual begins in the world. At the time of ignorance women were treated like animals and they were buried alive. The emergence of Islam brought a respected place for women. If we look at some parts of Pakistan, although, it is the age of development but still rules of ignorance are followed in some areas of Pakistan. Man in cruel ruler while woman is his victim and he proudly throws her in the furnace of traditions. For centuries, the dreams and hope is brutally pulled away from the eyes of innocent girls. This is heinous practice of interior tribes of Sindh and Punjab that their sisters and daughters marry within the family so that their property remains within their relatives. If there is no male to marry then they make their sisters and daughters the wives of QURAN E PAK. The seduction of money crushes the dreams and feelings of girls and their lives become worse than animals. It is Haq bakhhvai tradition.

 It is not like a regular wedding ceremony rather it is just a simple function. Wedding dress is worn to girl with beautiful makeup. The head of the family covers his head with a white dupatta. Quran-e-Pak is placed in her lap and they made it her husband. Her marriage with any other man is now forbidden and she is disowned from the property of her parents. This tactic used to keep the girl is deprived of her share in property. Even those educated politicians are included in these activities who emphasize women's freedom and rights in their speeches but the women of their family cannot breathe freely.  This ritual is merely a product of ignorant mind.

The majority of women in Pakistan are victims of these atrocities the basic reason behind this is the lack of education. Pakistan has made law 7 years imprisonment against this practice.  Many organizations are working to end this practice but still many girls in a day become Holy Wives. Seemingly, the media of our country looks very active but never ever it took notice of this sensitive issue. It should be solved through development of education and by making policies to save the lives of girls. 

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