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Hope is the only thing that keeps a person alive even in harsh and difficult situations, when nothing is left then there is a voice within every person that tells the person that problems and trouble are not forever, it keeps the person alive, this is called Hope.

Life is a risk, in which troubles and happiness comes and never stops. Ups and downs are the part of life.It never remains same, after every dark night there is always a glorious morning. Life give experience, sometime when a man builds a building of expectations and hopes then suddenly a point comes in life when expectations and hopes broken down and man feels that this is the last stage of his life , but this actually not happens it is not reality because life never goes on ending.But there still exists a little bit of hope in very corner of the heart that encourages the person in very bad times.

Hope is the natural feeling given by GOD that keeps the person alive even in harsh and difficult times.
    "God always blessed those people who never leaves the hope of good even in bad time"
Hope activates the persons, and encourages the person to face every problems wholeheartedly and then he was rewarded by good times.
Hope is like a support for the person in dark and hard times.It helps the person to go ahead in life and face it and achieve the goal, So don`t lose hope.
One should not leave the support the hope and patient, its the point for successful life.

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