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Performing hajj is that obligation for every Performing hajj who are in fainnicial and have a good health , he or she can go once time in a life time. Those bleesed with the oportunaty are concidered lucky. Among the this year more than two million pilgrims chanting “Here I am,O Allah,here Iam….”and they were mercy and forgiveness Hajj is the fifth piller of Islam and it attributed to the oportunaty of prophet Abrahem . Every year it comes more than three mollion muslims from all over the world to the holy city of Makkah in saudi Arabia .and after sacrificing an animal on the 10th of Dhu Al_Hajja ,male pilgrims shade their head or trim their head ,and the female pilgrims only trum their hear only one inch ,to came out of Ihram after sacrificing an animal . it is sign to complete pilgrims had a good for tuna ties. Every year the afghan ministry of Hajj and religious affiars makes arrengement for Afghan pilgrims to perform Hajj in house of Allah . that 130 vehicls were hired to provide the Afghans with 24 houres to conveyance service in makkah . addioditionaly .,train tickets were also booked to ease the travel for Hajj .

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Tamana Hamidi was born in Herat,Afghanistan. she is student in Hatifi high school.

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