How AI Is Changing the Education Sector

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Nowadays, we see almost every industry being powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI). The education sector is also now finding itself influenced hugely by the modern-day technological developments that are continually taking place. Students in this day and age are now finding unique ways to learn and grow.

The role of AI in the education sector might become so prominent that the old traditional teaching methods may become a thing of the past. In this article, we will go into how AI has changed the face of education.

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The Impact of AI on the Education Sector


Administrative work

It is common knowledge that every educational institution is more often than not burdened with administrative work. The amount of paperwork and emails to follow up on can be quite daunting. Teachers have to teach their students and have to perform other various tasks like conduct tests, check assignments, set up meetings with parents, review the performance of students, and keep track of the students’ attendance.

AI has allowed for automation and streamlining of these processes, which now enable teachers to focus more on their core duties and be more present with their students instead of sitting behind a pile of paperwork. Thus, AI has reduced the workload of teachers immensely.

School management

School management can be a monumental task. It can be quite difficult to oversee every department and ensure coordination between them. AI can help with school management as it is proficient at gathering data efficiently and presenting it in a smart manner. This allows for better decision making, lowering costs of operation and other unnecessary expenses as well. You can also see how communication is being revolutionized here.

School security systems

School security is a common concern. With AI, we now have better security systems. Many schools don’t even find the need to provide IDs to their students as they have facial scans in their school security system that keeps track of the student’s entry and exit time.

Personalized education

AI-powered education can be easily adapted on a student-to-student basis. This means that education is now becoming increasingly personalized. It is possible to address all student needs and connect to every student satisfactorily. AI has also become an incredible boon for students with learning disabilities and special needs.

More teacher-student engagement

The traditional method of learning has its benefits. However, it can often be quite a detached activity with no connection between the teacher and student. AI has helped teachers build better connections with their students in the classroom.

Learning is now an interesting activity filled with 3d images and models. Textbook images tend to pale in comparison with the creativity that AI brings forth. Hence, with AI, it is possible to see increased engagement and responsiveness from students as the classroom becomes a lively place to be in. The gamification of the whole learning process can be very enjoyable for students. It allows them to think in creative ways. It also helps them develop their visual thinking and imagination abilities.

Online school curriculum

There is also a growing trend of schools focusing on building a proper online curriculum that is filled with eBooks, audios and videos. Recordings of classes can also be made available. And so, AI can effectively cater to all the needs of the students.

Studying tools

AI also places less pressure on the students. Modern student life can be quite stressful. However, with machine learning, the process is more automated and efficient. There are many studying tools that students can take full advantage of.

If students need support outside of the classroom, they can now make use of voice assistants, like Amazon Alexa, provided by the educational institutions. These voice assistants can answer the most common questions and give the student full support.

Online courses

Online learning is becoming increasingly popular. It is easy to find many great online courses on the Internet. Many of these courses provide certification to their students. The learning management system in these courses allows for better delivery of the educational content. People from all over the world are now signing up for these courses. Hence, this development has managed to break geographical barriers when it comes to learning.

As there is a huge market and a lot of competition between many websites offering online courses, we see a rise in the quality of the educational content. These courses provide study modules, online libraries, online video classes, 24x7 assistance and online examinations. Assistance is provided through the use of AI tutors or chatbots.

Many leading and reputed universities like Harvard University, University College London, Hong Kon University of Science and Technology are now offering free online courses for the public at large. These courses are incredibly popular and in-demand.

In Conclusion

AI has revolutionized the idea of education. Education is increasingly taking a new shape and form that we hadn’t anticipated before. AI is advancing at such a rapid pace that one wonders whether robots will replace teachers in the far future.

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