How do we Fight Sin as Christians?

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As Christians you see 'SIN' differently compared to other people. Sin to you is a nuisance with your walk with Christ, otherwise you are not a Christian - and you need god. Visit to know if you really need God. 

Now, how do we fight SIN?

Sin is not an easy battle because it's in our flesh. We are a fallen creation. To be able to stand out, and overcome sin we must look at this 4 different principles found in Roman chapter 6.

1. Know that I died to sin.

We have to constantly remind ourselves that we have already been crucified with Christ, and that the old has gone and the new has come. Because our old selves are not there anymore, we are more bothered by sin than we are when we were living in sin in the past. 

2. Consider myself alive in Christ.

Because Jesus Christ has died for our sins, and has resurrected we now know that he will not die again. Death no longer has a hold of him. We should consider ourselves alive in Christ because of what he has done on the cross. 

3. Disallow sin to enter.

God provided a way out. As Christians it is not easy to deal with the sins that keeps coming back, but it's not an impossible fight. God has always provided a way out of that sin. 

4. Present my body as an instrument of righteousness.

Present yourself to God as an instrument. Try engaging into good works, and ministries that will get you busy in the works of God. Indulge yourself to in acts of righteousness. By doing this, your mind will be set on the lord, and will keep you away from sin. 

(Note: This is not, and will never be a means to salvation. we are saved by grace not works.) 

That's it! Genesis tells us that we should Master our Sins. Love you guys!

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