How do you like your coffee?

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 I am a coffee addict and well just thought to find out how everyone likes their cup of coffee in the morning or any day that you drink coffee. Honestly I can have coffee for breakfast, lunch, a snack and dinner; that’s how much I love my caffeine!

So here is how I like my coffee, it is very simple and easy! I take my coffee black with no sugar. Yep that’s it, strong black and sugarless. This particular morning though I opted for a teaspoon of sugar in my coffee as I felt a little short of energy. It was good but not as awesome as how I usually take my coffee!

I often wonder how a person with a sweet tooth like myself can love coffee with no sugar in it! I am a self proclaimed candy addict and well basically love all things sweet except my coffee! Weird huh? Anyways, how do you like your coffee?


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