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A great man is one who serves humanity heart and soul. But no man is great who is great only in his life time. History is replete with the noble deeds of men whose sole and sacred aim of life was to help and guide their fellow men. They die but their death makes them immortal because their life in our heart

Today we have gained atomic power, but we have lost our moral power. Our moral bankruptcy has brought us at a juncture where we can fall in to the lap of either the Americans or the Indians

If we want to avert this disaster we must follow the teaching of Islam. ''Do good and have good'' should be the watch world of our life. God Himself has said that He may forgive him who has ignored His rights but he who ignores the right of other human being will never be forgiven. All social evils, in one way or other, usurp the rights of the people and make this world a hell. But if we stop doing anything that may give pain to any other creature of god. We can please our god and make this world and earthly paradise

Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was fully aware of all these social evils in his speech to the first constituent assembly of Pakistan he mentioned all these evils one by one and stressed upon the need of uprooting them with an iron hand, but we ignored his advised

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