How the signs act in a relationship

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  • Aries:very possessive, will buy their partner lots of presents and will do everything and anything it takes to make them feel loved and special. they won't let their partner go easily.

  • Taurus:very serious and traditional, they will take you out on a lot of dates, and will fight to maintain a good relationship. Taurus will make you feel secure and comfortable in your relationship.

  • Gemini:Always shy but once out of the comfort zone they're unstoppable. They like hugs but wait for the other sign to make a move. They're very romantic and like going on cozy dates, Starbucks coffee break for example. They may not show their feelings but they truly mean it when they like someone.

  • Cancer:cuddles you to death, giggles and is happy in your presence, wants you to meet their family and friends, will let their guard down and talk to you about everything and how they feel, what they want and need emotionally etc.

  • Leo:is proud to have you under their arm, is very loyal to you, buys you presents and surprises you a lot. They will introduce you to their family and friends quicker than most signs and make you feel like family.

  • Virgo:They don't really express words of love but they truly make a connection when they're with someone special. They are loyal and has to feel needed sometimes. They are very patient and want to take it easy. They also might get very clingy if they really admire you.

  • Libra:They like to satisfy their partner in conversations and lovemaking as well. They want the perfect balance and are very creative and expressive, which is very important for this sign.

  • Scorpio:extremely sexual, loyal, possessive and warm. They always make time for you, call you late at night, early in the morning and send the sweetest and cheesiest text messages during the day.

  • Sagittarius:always planning on taking you on an adventure, takes loads of selfies with you, will want to take you out to restaurants a lot and talk about life ambitions.

  • Capricorn:is private and on the down low in public, but very affectionate and sexual once alone. will help you with anything and always be there for you. They show you a side no one else gets to see.

  • Aquarius:takes a long time to warm up, but once they are open with you, they will do anything for you, spend a lot of time and put loads of effort into making you happy

  • Pisces:very sweet and affectionate, they will make you feel like a princess/prince, write you love letters/poems and want to experience everything together with you.

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