How this razor is disrupting a $13 billion industry

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Don’t laugh, but it took a machete-wielding pitchman and a guy in a bear suit to disrupt the $13 billion dollar shaving industry. In 2012, when Dollar Shave Clubblew up the internet with a viral video employing those zany tactics, the shaving industry bigwigs just scoffed and went back to counting their money. Sure, Dollar Shave Club was offering high-quality razors for the price of a rubber banana, but companies like Gillette and Schick were squatting on over 75% of the men’s razor market, and as a parachute-pantsed wise man once said, can’t touch this.

But Dollar Shave Club founder Michael Dubin saw something the mega razor corps didn’t—an industry ripe for disruption, full of customers who were tired of high prices and getting treated like rubes. Dubin figured out a smarter way: Deliver better value, better service and a better shave through home delivery of high-quality razors.

Three years later, those same bigwigs aren’t scoffing—they’re sweating. Sweating because millions of men (and women) across the US have joined Dollar Shave Club and embraced that smarter way, by voting with their wallets in support of great products, fair prices, and amazing customer service.

The moral of the story: never turn your back on a machete-wielding entrepreneur.

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