How to Deal With Girls

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Find the group of people you love to be around. Don't try to become popular. Focus on being smart.

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When you find the people you love to be around and trust, stay with them. and try to meet others. Put yourself out there at parties.

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If you're funny, use your sense of humor, but if you have a joke you're not confident in, then it is advised that you not tell it

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Just Be Yourself. If you want to impress girls you have to use your own talent and NOT try to copy the talents of others.

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Try not to care about what people say about you. It may be hard but people will look up to you and admire you for it.

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Don't let the popular girls put you down by making fun of you. Just simply laugh at them because they have nothing better to do than laugh at you. So why waste your time worrying?

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Try to be a good person. That's the number one advice anyone can give you. People like people with good personalities.

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